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Public Displays of Affection

February 24, 2009
By blackkismet SILVER, Redlands, California
blackkismet SILVER, Redlands, California
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People with their arms
Wrapped around one another
Hidden in shadowed corners
Carefully assembled behind doorways
Plastered to the walls
Some out in the open,
Parting the crowds
One boy, one girl

Doesn't it matter to them
That it's forbidden
Public Displays of Affection
Is written all over
The School rule books
As: strictly un-allowed

Yet, the kiss and the touch
As if no one else is here
Right besides them
Can't they wait?
Or, is this a game of
'Showing off?'
Because one can't help
But to notice
Even if they try their hardest
To look away

I wonder, as my cheeks burn
My thoughts flash
A bit slower
How they do it?

I could never, ever
Stand so close to someone
And force their lips to mine
Let them near me
Without becoming nearly
Catatonic with a painful mix
Of fear, embarrassment, and glee
And much more so
If we weren't alone
In this degree of
Openly exposed

Does that make me
Odd or oddly normal
That I can't imagine
Why couples constantly
Practice the crime of
Willing participation in
Public Displays of Affection?

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