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This Goes On Forever....Forever

February 19, 2009
By iWrite2 SILVER, Jackson, Tennessee
iWrite2 SILVER, Jackson, Tennessee
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Eventually, I'll get over it
But right now I'm stuck like glue
The wounds, too fresh
The situation, fairly new
It's funny to think you know it all
It's entertaining to wish you cared
Your amazing imagination
Leaves you feeble'and scared
So you get rid of everything
That your mind can not hold
And you hide yourself, inside yourself
Until all your emotions explode
You kick me to the curb
And the curb is where I'll stay
But the one thing that I long for
Is that you'd eventually care someday
This will go on forever
The truth will unravel in time
I can't wipe you away
For you live in my heart, not mind
You look to the 'hills' for answers
Answers you don't even need
And as you quickly fall for someone else
My heart continues to bleed
Tell me the truth for once!
I don't care if I'm unprepared
Right now I need honesty
If you're scared, then say you're scared
This will go on forever
And forever I'm willing to wait
But eventually, I fear, I'll lose hope
I just hope you're not too late'

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