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i miss u

February 17, 2009
By hollybuckley GOLD, Buskirk, New York
hollybuckley GOLD, Buskirk, New York
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as i walk by your locker and see u talking to her oh how the pain builds up in side i thought we were ment to be we were going to last forever dont you rember i guess the meaning of forever has changed. you know how i feel about you. how i long for you and yeas i leave this school for the last time you dont even glance over to me insead you just keep looking at her for you thought i would wait for you for ever but as i see now the meaning of forever has canged so for the last time goodbye forever.

The author's comments:
i wrote thids piece when i got home on my last day of school in my old school as a walked by my exs boyfriends locker and saw him taling to my best friend since they were now going out:{

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