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February 16, 2009
By jojo360 SILVER, Hartand, Wisconsin
jojo360 SILVER, Hartand, Wisconsin
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Seeing naught but beyond her comfort zone
Giving up all her glorious dreams
Those dreams of stardom that kept her going
Going through the pain
Going through the shame
Keeping her eyes on her goal
While going hungry at home
Ignored by her parents
The subject of painful attrocities
But now as she sits at home
Memories of what could have been are relentlessly attacking her mind
She cries for it to stop
Prays for it every day
Having made her choice to leave it behind
Taking on another role, another personality
Her husband sees her tears
She can't stand anyone seeing how vulnerable she is
So she drownds it out
Not in the traditional sense of bottle needles and pills
She drownds it out in the business of her life
Choosing to blame her unhappiness
On the circumstances around her
She builds up a wall
That extends above the brink of the hole she has dug herself into
While those around her seem to follow her whim
Ignore her moment of weakness
The frequent outbursts the only sign
Of the feelings she's buried
Afraid to uncover
Afraid to forgive
Afraid to let go
Because in doing so
She just might forget
The essence of who she is

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