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Five Minutes to Live

February 16, 2009
By Kaitt PLATINUM, Petersburg, Virginia
Kaitt PLATINUM, Petersburg, Virginia
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The white ceiling blinds me

The lights are to bright

I see your face everywher

It's driving me insane

The timer says five minutes

My breathing is getting shallower

I need you here with me

I miss you

Come back please

Three minutes left

Time is going so slow

I wish this pain would end

Take it away, make it stop

Just one last look at your face


Two minutes left

It's happening

It really is

I'm dying and I can't stop it now.

Your gone

And I can't change that

Not now

No, not now

It's too late

One minute left

I'm breathing my last breaths

Everything is fading


My world is spinning

Is that you standing there?

Watching me?

Laughing at my pain

Watching me fade away

Why won't you help me?

Take my hand

Pull me back

Thirty seconds

Take my hand

Tell me everything is okay

Ten seconds

It's all gonig so fast now

Make it stop

I dont want to go anymore

I made a mistake

Take me back

Baby please

No time left

I faded into oblivion

The dark has overtaken me

I'm gone now

Everything we worked so hard for

It's gone


The author's comments:
this is about a girl who commits suicide after having her heart broken.

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Vampire^^ said...
on May. 31 2009 at 11:35 am
I luv this the best pretty amazing the way you timed it and very creative^^