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January 14, 2009
By tabby GOLD, Waverly, Ohio
tabby GOLD, Waverly, Ohio
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Your falling in love with him your fearing your last days
I care so much woundering if its a phase
loving the leaves of the fight we've shared
loving every moment because i know he still cares
is it fair!
leaving only the days seeing him but once and then
months goes by loving every moment because my heart is still living even though the pain he caused
what do i find in these words left unsaid hinding behind shadows
asking my self is that what i should of really said knowning i still love him to

The author's comments:
i'm not like most girls i hang out with the guys but i'm not a tom girl to me my writing is an important piece to me cause that what makes me me thats were i can get away and write when i am writing i just write i just let my thoughs flow and i don't know were it comes from i always aked my self what is a good writer i'm may not be there yet but i'm on the way to becoming a great artist of beauful poems this means a lot to me and i hope this works out if not i'll try a gain on of my best saying i learned in 5 grade fall down 7 times and stand up eight
that mean keep trying no matter how long or how many times cause i beleve that you want something as bad as this as much as i do you'll give it your all and more this is greater than eyes can see riting opened up a new world to me i never knew of
i base most of my poems on my life and love life so this is really important
thanks for your time

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