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You Won't Break Me

December 17, 2015
By ArtLover2322 BRONZE, London, Other
ArtLover2322 BRONZE, London, Other
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Favorite Quote:
'No one can hurt you; you only let them'.

I've got so much to offer this world

I'm not going to let them break me.

They can talk about me and tease me, 

but they cannot break me.


I have my whole life ahead of me. 

I won't always be with these people

and this I'm glad to say.

For they look at me with hate and not love.

I don't need their love; for I have the love of my friends.

This is what keeps me going.


You can tease me and talk about me but you won't break me.

For family doesn't mean blood and blood doesn't mean family; said a wise man or woman. I don't need you.


For I have the gift of life which I don't intend to waste and I have God. You can tease me and talk about me, but you won't break me.

The author's comments:

This poem is about real life and how there will always be people you don't like and how you shouldn't let them change who you are. We all have a purpose in life and it's our job to achieve it and no one elses - ArtLover2322

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