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Farewell to a Friend

February 1, 2009
By alto_power BRONZE, Eagle, Idaho
alto_power BRONZE, Eagle, Idaho
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The night was young,
the smiles were bright,
as she drove to her friend's
that fateful night.
The glowing stars
that shone overhead,
did not hint her world
would turn heels over head.
She came to the house
and parked by the curb,
excited for the night
which would surely be superb.
Her friends were all there,
with movies and snacks,
ready to have fun
before hitting the sack.
As the movie began,
a tragic romance,
her cell phone rang
from the pocket of her pants.
she answered the call
from her best friend,
a very sweet boy
by the name of Ben.
But the voice on the line
was in fact another,
it was the voice
of the boy's mother.
She said shakily
that Ben was hurt,
he'd been hit while driving
home from a concert.
His mom told the girl
she should come see him,
for the doctors said
his chances were slim.
She hung up the phone
as if in a trance,
praying as she drove
he'd still have a chance.
When she arrived
at the hospital door,
she didn't stop running
till she reached his floor.
She walked in his room,
and saw his family there,
she sat next to him
in the one empty chair.
She held his hand,
so cold to the touch,
he smiled at her,
though he couldn't say much.
She told him he was
her best friend forever,
and through everything
she'd forget him never.
He struggled to say
what was in his heart,
that he had loved her
right from the start.
She took a deep breath,
and tried not to cry
He looked straight at her,
pain in his eyes.
With one last breath,
his eyes then closed,
and her tears fell soft
as her heart froze.
Inside she knew
he was out of pain,
and she knew someday
she'd see him again.

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on Feb. 17 2009 at 11:26 am
jellyinthesky PLATINUM, Renton, Washington
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this is probably the best poem i have read on here so far. is this written from experience? i know how that feels. i had a friend of mine die recently. it's the most horrible feeling in the world.