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Oh Sweet Symphony

January 30, 2009
By GangstaG0 GOLD, Deer Park, New York
GangstaG0 GOLD, Deer Park, New York
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Oh Sweet Symphony,
Play upon this Earth,
Sung by birds,
Woven by doves that fly above the hearth,

Walking through the forests path,
One could only hear,
The flicking of the tender crickets,
Through the nights ear,

Beating like a strung drum,
Dancing to the rain,
The sounds of the symphony,
Swung upon the plains,

Trumpeting and sounding with Mother Nature's bliss,
Were the edging vibrant colors,
Formed upon the midst,

A color ray,
Of sparking light scattered through the sky,
Sending different flavors,
To watch from peering eyes,

Playing light,
The piano keys,
The Heavens rung out bows,
Packaging up the skies,
With the colors of a rose,

And thus the finale came to an end,
Gallant with Rainbows,
To give upon its sweet symphony,
The gift of the skies aglow

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