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Actions Speak Louder

November 20, 2015
By Kirika GOLD, Worcester, Massachusetts
Kirika GOLD, Worcester, Massachusetts
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"Without music, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich Nietzsche

So here i stand

Alone, lost, confused.

But i cant understand

Why im so broken and bruised.


Why didnt they tell me?

Now my pillows are never dry.

I was just too blind to see

That all this time, it was a lie.


My skies are overcast, gray,

From my eyes, tears fall like rain.

Downpours and storms everyday,

Because theres nothing left but pain.


Together, we fell, laughed, cried and feared

But love to him was only a game.

Its wasnt suprising when he disappeared

Because in love, he never felt the same.


We were already broken, never bent.

Not a hairline fracture, just only shattered.

We could see though, even before he went,

In his heart, i never really mattered..

The author's comments:

This piece is one i wrote while i was half asleep, the background story is that i was with someone but since i had a minor concussion from an accident, i wasnt able to get online to communicate with them (the struggles of long distance relationships lol). when i got back, a few of my friends were acting different so i asked them what was wrong. Finally one of them broke and spilled what happened while i was gone. He cheated on me with my online sister and ran off. Everyone took sides and suprisingly, i wasnt suprized to find out since she always took them away from me. But im scarred from it because i really did love him,thought he never really returned it. For this poem, its for Kura/Rai and Ririi on Palringo, hope you guys are happy together while im trying to mend. ~Kirika

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