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With Graceful Notes

January 30, 2009
By GangstaG0 GOLD, Deer Park, New York
GangstaG0 GOLD, Deer Park, New York
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Play that harp with beautiful music,
That it may sing my song,
Add to it the thrills of life,
And when I was proved wrong,

And trill the ever note,
To show sadness,
And wind it up like so,
Give me a strong beginning,
And an everlasting end,
For I want everyone to know,

Add the sound of memory,
Of how fragile life is to behold,
And show how each passing hour,
Started turning me old,

Mark one life,
With violent strikes,
With violent sounds,
With violent likes,
Through the challenges and bitter pangs,
That your lyre may come with fangs,
Thus show the brokenness of my soul,
By playing a most dramatic tune,
Melodic in its doom,
And when the song is very old, and gone to put away,
Make sure that every person live,
Will know my singing sway,

So with graceful notes, and harmony,
You place my song to rest,
Pushing back and forth,
The living corpse,
The violin confessed

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