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Girl Problems

February 4, 2009
By strangelove GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
strangelove GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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How will it all end?
It is frustrating, looking at it now,
The awkwardness, the mixed signals, the rivalry.
Does she know?
No, of course not.
Does she love me?
Who can say,
Remember, she just got over him,
Maybe she is confused.
Maybe you are confused.

It will work itself out.
Remember when she gave you a ride home
after school? Remember?
The exact words are fuzzy,
But you made her laugh,
And I think Pulp Fiction was brought up,
Yes, that is right, I remember now,
She loved Uma Thurman in that movie,
Then you two shared what they call a comfortable silence,
Did she notice?

Just be calm
Play it cool, act natural,
I mean, she is still your friend
(just friend)
And she admires your personality, she told you
(friend zone)
Just wait it out, give her time
(You are a really great friend)

They dated for four and one third months,
What happened?
Don't think that, it's over between them
(their kissing)
They broke up. He was a jerk, remember?
(He is feeling her, and she is feeling him back)
Hey, she talked to you about it,
confided in you.
She cried on your shoulder, and you comforted her,
For those sweet, gentle moments,
And she told you what a great friend you are,
-He slides in and steals her virginity, and she is loving it, loving him-

You have a chance,
Yeah, you are still in the friend zone,
But if you play it cool
Who knows what can happen.
She is warming up to you
(she hates you)
Shut up
-she hates you she hates you she hates you!
Did she notice that comfortable silence?
Jesus, how will it end?

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