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February 4, 2009
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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my left shoe united
not willing to reach it
my life slipping away
not willing to move
monday to fri.
i walked those halls
as empty as it became
when students crashed into walls
i was good with straight A's
but at the end of the day
i was a nobody again
the clock ticked on the 4
everyone rushing for the door
I, the only one acting dead
everyone thought i was out of my head
they made their assumption
oh, how the rumors passed
but oh, how i laughed
when they failed to pass their classes
i moved up the ladder
few years left to go
til im all alone
i talked to no one
kept to myself
oh, how my emotions melt
til i was practically nothing
just a puddle on the floor
comes times i get out of here
i knock down the door
prove to my parents im not the screw up
they thought out me to be
i was human
i was me
and i was also alone
on what i believed
i guess this is how the greats felt
before they were so great
neglected and pushed aside
i had no talents i didnt hide
i could run real fast
and technology sparked in my brain
so why was i so...insane
what made me different
and alien to everyone else
what made me so unreal
that nobody else felt
is it because i kept quiet
kept to myself
and got good grades
is it cause i think more about life
than i do about getting laid
i had no one and nothing
i have, i should say
prison wouldnt be so bad
atleast there i wouldnt be all alone
being sad
but for now ill walk these halls
and keep myself between these walls
til the day comes
that i break free
and the day the world sees me

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