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February 4, 2009
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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i trip on faulty wires
and brace for the cement below
my eyes shut before impact
but my head takes the blow
my hand is locked to my skull
as i stumble to my feet
and head farther into the darkness
alone, scared, and now a target
theyre coming
and the blood dripping from my head
is summoning them
and weighing down my chances of survival
the door is locked and that was my way out
atleast thats a way for them to stay out
to my left, a desk, and flickering lamp
to my right, a boiler and a vent
screwed to the wall
"ah*** it"
my hands are already covered in red
punching the metal
it finally gives in
and i get in
i hear them moaning
begging for the flesh
i drain that out
and focus the space ahead
speaking of heads
they smell it
the blood
the brain
like a shark in water
they find me
shaking, pounding on the vent
my sight goes weak
god damn freaks
blurry, where am i?
its been forever since ive seen
...the sky...the ground
they wont get me like this
im at a dead end
kicking out the cover
and rolling onto the floor
a man in a monkey suit
sits quiet in a red leather chair
gently touching his shoulder
"hey, man!"
spinning around, truth is bound
a bullet in the middle of his forehead
at this point, id rather drown in my own sins
a deep breath releases
i place my hand on the desk
the other over my eyes
but wait, a hand gun lays underneath my skin
maybe i have a chance
its time to let out the monster within
if i want to survive

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