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where'd you go

February 4, 2009
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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remember the days
you'd sing me lullabies
holding me when i cried
tell me whenever i was with you
id never die
death would never come
nothing would ever hurt me
but as ive grown
i can see
your mask has fell
and the bells in my head
rang and reality punched me in the face
quite a smack
i saw the lack of being cared for
waiting outside of school for hours
hoping the next car would be yours
finding drugs around the house
hiding them from your eyes
looking to the skies
hopig what god i beleived was there
would pick me out of the millions
the billions of people
and help me out
make my mom not be the example
of what everyone says is bad
then when i thought my angel came
it turned out all the same
a fake vacation
parents fighting
sitting in the hallway with my head down
not wanting topeople walking by to see my tears
then the years passed
you leftme for what was really important
ive felt like a failure
a sailor lost at sea
with no one there
just myself and me
all alone with time on my side
waiting for the next tide
to wash away my despair
my regrets of whats not fair
ive grown not to care
to forget you
you left so whats the difference
since you put me on a plane
alone, still a kid
you know what i did
stared out the window
watching clouds go by
flying so high in the sky
asking myself why
why isnt my mom right here
but no you were down there
getting your next fix
so now its going on year six
that you've been gone
sounds so much longer
when you say it out loud
please save me now
ive lost my hope
my faith
and how to i cope
still feeling like a kid
abandoned all my life
knowing i was a mistake
i ruined your life
so i guess karma ruined mine
im sorry

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