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knees and corners

February 4, 2009
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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i sit in the corner
my knees to my face
with nothing but my thoughts to entertain
the air runs thick and still
my mind lacks perception
my heart lacks the thrill
your face lacks good looks
and your lies lack good skill
i hurt with a deep wound
merely nothing to the surface
but deadly inside
they tell me its all just apart of the ride
buckle yourself and pull down the bar
"you wont get anywhere, kid
you'll never go far
your nothing, your no one"
and i sit in the corner
my knees to my face
just a prediciton
and just a waste of space
lies, deception, hurt, tears
pain, people, scum bags, fears
confidence, none, wish you had, someone
somebody you knew was real
someone you could believe in
without question
to love, to hold, to know, to be
to guide when you cant see
to be sad but return happy
someone, someday, somewhere,somehow
well all that, how about now?
as i sit in the corner,
my knees to my face
i think about these things
flying around in my head
like no one invented time
but i have all of that in the world
nothing but
and my heart starts to decay
as the truth lay
right infront of me like its on display
signs of irony pop up on the walls
on the streets, in the house, in the halls
in my life
my questions float in the air
around for someone to grab
with a knife in my hand
when the answer comes, im ready to stab
im ready now, i need
hell, now im ready to plead
just show me some light
tell me its alright
show me its worth it
so ill live tonight
i dont ask alot
i dont speak enough to ask
stop feeding me drugs, liquor, hate, and broken glass
dont show me my skin and tell me theres no risk
my eyes shut tight, and i close my fist
my knuckles turn nearly white
as water drips slowly from my eyes
it burns with the lack of emotion
you both cause me so much
but all i feel is numb
somehing without a point is dumb
so why do we live?
why do we suffer and try to make amends
why do we pretend theres meaning
behind every little molecule
why do we ignore the society thats so cruel
and the human race with no mercy
we are small in comparison
and think like were big
well shut the hell up
cause really we're all just pigs
rolling around in our own filth
of what we think is real
waiting for someone to feed us our next meal
thats not how it should be
there's cracks in the system
with no one to fix 'em
so i sit in the corner
knees to my face
feeling my heart
loosi.g a steady pace
will i die or will i survive
will anyone care
or just be obligated to cry
what will i be remembered for?
if anything at all
who will follow me and be the next to fall
these thoughts pass by
as i sit in the corner
knees to my face
im dying, im decaying
im crying, im slaying every litte piece of me thats left
and baby, i think you've accomplished
the greatest grand theft
you took my heart
stole it from my chest
it was ok, then slowly, you took it apart
piece by piece
agonizing pain
i thought you were different
i thought everyone had changed
as the world spun a different direction
i thought you were only perfection
with no flaws
i thought you were kind
with no hidden claws
but i sit in the corner
knees to my face
just a perdiction
but you i miss perdicted
something clicked inside
i thought that was good
i thought that was right
but really, it was the switch to everything
you shut it down
and now im just in for the ride
hoping for a tsunami
a giant tide to just wash everything away
so i can believe everything we say
i now have my perdictions
as i just hope
please prove me wrong
so i can someday sing you that song

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