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I'm Not A Perfect Child

February 4, 2009
By LadyHaley GOLD, The Colony, Texas
LadyHaley GOLD, The Colony, Texas
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She wants a perfect child,
Which I am not,
Does she love me?
All she does is yell and scream,
I guess not,
'Im sorry im not the perfect child you asked for.' I would say,
Then she would pause and not move,
I can see it on her face,
It's like she's saying 'how do you know that?'
She knows im right,
Im not perfect and im a slow learner,
She doesn't understand me,
She doesn't understand my feelings,
My feelings towards her,
My feelings towards her boyfriend,
She wouldn't speak for a while,
Then she would say 'no you're not perfect'
She would take a long pause,
Then studder'n-no one'
That's a lie for her she THINKS she's perfect in every way,
She tells me not to lie,
Then she starts to lie,
She's a bad example,
She was never ready for a child,
Im to much trouble,
She wants me out,
Out of her life,
I can see it,
I see it on her face,
The way she acts,
its so obvious,
I love you,
Learn to love me,
You tell me to talk to you,
So I try
But it turns into yelling and screaming,
I can't take it anymore!
I'm sorry im not perfect or what you asked for,


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