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Hopeless Dream

January 27, 2009
By jonathan soto BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
jonathan soto BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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People say that our dreams
Connect to past and future actions
Or they are our ambitions
But what happens to the dreams
We put aside, neglect and overlook

Will they come back to haunt us
Or reinvent themselves, to change as we grow?

The world is always changing
So our outlook will change along with it
Important wishes lose importance
Hopeful dreams become hopeless

But when this time comes
Will our ambitions vanish?

Everyday we wake up and have unrealistic goals,
We strive to do the impossible
Reach impossible heights
Conquer impossible feats
But even if we pursue our dreams
They aren't always going to come true

Is failing to accomplish our dream
The same as failing to attempt?

Every dream we ever had
Has changed our course
While we might not choose to follow
It will affect our choices
And influence a new dream

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