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If It Was Only You

July 30, 2015
By withBloodandFire GOLD, Burnt Hills, New York
withBloodandFire GOLD, Burnt Hills, New York
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I stopped checking for monsters under my bed, when I realized they're inside me.

Her long, dark hair whips across her face as the wind picks up
Her blue eyes twinkle with delight as she sees my face
Her soft, pink lips are slightly apart, speaking my name
She reaches out a hand, and I reach out mine
But I am brought back to reality, as I stare at my bride
Curly blonde hair, dark brown eyes
Although the white dress fits perfectly on her body
I can't help questioning this wedding
What am I doing? She's not the one
“I can't do this”, I say, as I run out
Gasps, crying, screams
I leave it all behind, for someone else to pick up the pieces
I must get to her, I have to find her
I am stuck in traffic, so I decide to walk
I pass the accident, and something catches my eye
Car accident, death upon impact
It can't be, this isn't happening
I fall on my knees next to her
I'm shaking her, Wake up! Wake up!
Her dull eyes have no sign of life
And I tell her everything
How since college I knew she was the one
How I fought internally to keep my distance
How much I really loved her, how beautiful she was
How I wish she was that girl standing at the alter
If it was only you, my life would've been complete
They're taking her away, covering her body with a bag
My heart ached as I saw a last glimpse of her
She was the love of my life, but she will never be mine

The author's comments:

Inspired by my father's love for his deceased wife.

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