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Can't understand

June 11, 2015
By fearlessAngel17 PLATINUM, Lake Alfred, Florida
fearlessAngel17 PLATINUM, Lake Alfred, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Nothing happens unless first a dream

- Carl Sandburg

I don't understand this feeling
Everytime your truck drives by
I feel numb, can't look but can't look away

I'm changing,
My apologies
I'm not a blonde haired blue eyed girl
I don't have perfect vision

I'm sorry
I get excited when I see him
I wish I wouldn't get too attached

I gave you what you wanted
You promised me love
But you lied, you just wanted my purity 

The author's comments:

Its about giving up something really important to me but then he broke up with me said I was too emotionally attached to my best guy friend and left me 

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