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look around you

January 21, 2009
By Charlie Evans, Allen, TX

look around you.
what do you see?
the place you grew
where your meant to be
a roof over your head
protection from the sun
every word you said
a complaint of no fun
but look again
take a closer look
smile and grin
see what you mistook
such great things around
great is the small
with every single pound
and things so tall
there’s beauty in all things
no matter size or shape
such greatness it brings
from the sky to a small grape
all of these created
by simple movements by God
such things often rated
as simple or odd
and we created by his hands
breathed into a soul
built by the ground of these lands
now do you think their so dull
all things show the lord
and his power
now are you so bored
with every single hour
for the king breathed out the stars
created our universe
and all of these things are now ours
though we tend to yell and curse
such small things killed his son
he came down lived a sinless life
we killed him what have we done
all of this pain and strife
so that we may live endlessly
isn't our God the best
giving love relentlessly
although we failed the test
he gave us all this to enjoy
so when you look at this place
be thankful for all your joy
and all of Gods grace
and see his glory everyday
for he created this world for us to stay

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