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Hear me

April 19, 2015
By kushey BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
kushey BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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I Am

I am creative and knowledgeable

I wonder what life is like after death

I hear the cry of those around me

I see the world differently

I want superior world without war or proverty

I am creative and knowledeable


I pretend to be someone i'm not to fit in

I feel we shouldn't need to pretend to fit in

I touch the rain drops dripping down the leaf

I worry about the grass not being full

I am creative and knowledgeable


I cry that I missed a big chance in life

I understand that everyone has the ability to make a difference

I say as long as we try we can succed

I dream of seeing what my future will be like

I hope that i'll always carry kindness in my heart

I am creative and knowledgeable

The author's comments:

When people read this i want them to have an image in their head and ask yourself does this relate to me? if its bad  you have the power to change it, if it's a good thing take advantage of that. 

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