Show Me. I Dare You

December 2, 2014

Everyday- every second someone cries because of something someone has done. Regret bubbles under the skin like acid. Makes you’re fingernails itch and bleed.


Every millisecond there's one man who weeps and cries because he made something beautiful and it's destroying itself from the inside out- Human Kind.


His name is Jesus Christ. He carried a cross ten times his own body weight across stones that cut into his bare feet. He was beaten- punched, hit,      whipped, and      you say          there’s      no       God.


He died.



Prove    to me     that there is no    God.
I dare you.
         Show me.


And then i will worship to your fake Gods, idols, who only represent something. Not Stand for anything with their fake   pomises    and empty     words


Show me the miracles you're fake gods have performed. Show me. And I will belive. 

Until then- think about how a man has died and was beaten just so you could have free will. 





Think about it, for me.

How              there’s a big       man in        the sky and everyday        he     cries, because      you choose to        turn                     away. 

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