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There is Danger...

December 31, 2008
By OurFrost GOLD, Galt, California
OurFrost GOLD, Galt, California
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There is danger
In knowing of another's love
For you.

In breathing the same air,
In walking on the same ground,
In sitting in the same room.

The feeling on your part
Of awkwardness, on not knowing what to say,
Suddenly sprouts to a giant's size,
And all you can do is stutter.

Who knows, maybe you will give in?
Maybe you will like in that way back?
But if you decide to put up that mask of indifference,
That mask of false identity,
Then you will not.
And your heart will remain safely locked away,
Behind that mask, in a cage of bronze and iron.

Although, whichever you choose,
There is still the danger in knowing Of another's love
For you...

The author's comments:
I suppose that I would have to say that this piece was inspired by a friend... She had or still has a friend, and he really really likes her. But she just wants to be friends, so that is where this is coming from. Whatever you get out of it is how you interepret it, but all I can say is...THERE IS DANGER...

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on Apr. 11 at 9:41 pm
Kingpoet2806 GOLD, Collierville, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
Her heart was an open book with beautiful pages and detailed lettering. She wanted people to read her story in hopes that it would make them write their own. Instead, every person who came across the pages of her heart ripped out their favorite story and took it with them. They folded back pages and bent up corners. They signed their name with sloppy writing and with a simple 'goodbye'. This book is now tucked away in the darkest parts of her, because no one wants to read a tragic story with a bad ending.

there is indeed :3