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Lost in Depression

November 4, 2014
By Lily-Flower14 GOLD, Keighly, UK, Other
Lily-Flower14 GOLD, Keighly, UK, Other
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It's time to say goodbye

All I've ever known is alie

None of you are real

So I can't tell you how I feel

My purity has long been banished

All hope I ever had has vanished

You say I'm insane

Just because my blood pumps through slashed up veins

But none of you understand my life

I fight everyday, in an attempt to survive

I can feel the darkness drawing me in

Forcing me in to their painful sins

They won't let me escape this hate

I no longer have control over my own fate

I bury my soul in the heart of the pain

So they can't drag my down memory lane

I don't want to forget the people who cared

But I don't want to make any of then scared

And I don't know the point of this life anymore

My bleeding, broken heart is still so damn sore

But in the end, I know I will laugh at this hurt

In the end, when I blissfully haunt this twisted earth

The author's comments:

This poem basically describes how I feel every second of my life. I get bullied at school quite a bit. People always call me 'emo' and ask me if I want to die. I just want to say, that people who are depressed or cut or are 'emo' genrally don't want to die, but just don't want to live this painfull life anymore and the only way they can think to escape the pain is suicide. So for GOD'S SAKE, stop bullying people like me. Depression and cutting is serious. You should help people if they feel that way, not make it worst for them!

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