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January 2, 2009
By LivingInLiterature GOLD, Fairfield, Connecticut
LivingInLiterature GOLD, Fairfield, Connecticut
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Why stop dreaming when you wake up?

There I lay crying as I recall the nights events
There I try to stop my heart from breaking inside my chest
There I try to think negatively of him
There I think negatively of myself
There I attempt to think positively

There goes my burden to bear
There goes his stupid hair
There goes that lame teddy bear he spent $12 trying to win for me at the carnival
There goes all of those good times we shared
There goes my self-esteem

There I stay for months, unable to be consoled by friends
There I wish for him to come back
There I cry until my eyes and throat become sore
There I remain a shadow of my former self
There I comfort myself in the gloom I’ve created

There is good left in the world
There is karma to be served
There is the reality that you will get better
There is worse yet to come, you haven’t hit rock bottom yet
There is going to be more heartache, brace your soul

There I listen to the kind, wise words from within myself
There goes all of those months of suffering
There I see the sun shining brighter than I remember it ever shining
There he is, with his arm around that stupid girl
There I wait for a pang deep within my heart
There is no pang

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