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Why do we do this to ourselves?

December 25, 2008
By claudiia, GOLD, Caguas, Other
claudiia, GOLD, Caguas, Other
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why do humans do this to themselves?
why do we buy ourselves the most luxurious houses
while kids everywhere can't even take classes
why do we keep wasting our money in nuclear weapons
while people around the world eat very little food
like fruits for a month the size of lemons
why do we have the most advance technology everyday
but more and more children starve each day
we do we let our family members die in unnecessary battles
how can we take a flight
when some people must fight
to get basic needs and survive
Humans are exterminating themselves
their knowledge has made them cynical
their cleverness hard and unkind
their like Scrooge
never giving
always taking
always selfish
where has kindness gone
all they do is rule and conquer
no one 'guides' a nation these days
Why don't we stop fighting ourselves?
why don't we unify
let's fight for a new world
instead of destroying the needed
and glorifying, and worshiping the cold hearted
let us forget our divisions and physique
let us act like blind people with a disposition
why don't we guide our world to the light of a tomorrow?
we need each other
we have to stop parting different ways with our egocentic interests
We keep destroying ourselves
destroying our souls
destroying our conditions of living
and destroying our values
No one has priorities anymore
because while a kid in
Canada wastes away his mac and cheese
a boy in Nigeria or China, Cuba, Venezuela, or even Guatemala would kneel or plead to someone for that plate
because no one knows the last time he ate.
Why do we do this to ourselves?

The author's comments:
I'm a 14 year old from Puerto Rico. I love to read, write, dance, and spend time with my friends.

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