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Hatred and Pain

October 11, 2014
By Lily-Flower14 GOLD, Keighly, UK, Other
Lily-Flower14 GOLD, Keighly, UK, Other
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You think you know best
You think you’re better than the rest
But I’ll show you who’s gonna come out top
I’ll fight you till I fall, till I drop
You’ll never defeat me
Coz’ I’m forever free
You’re not right in the head
You laugh at me because I bled
These scars won’t be seen by your eyes
You could never understand why I cry
This life is unfair
But you still don’t care
If I died, would you know
How much pain I could never show
I walk by your side
Just to find out that you lied
Is there something wrong with my ways?
Is there a reason you still want to stay?
Why do you insist on breaking me over and over again
You don’t understand the pain I’m trying to contain
You act like you knew this pain all along
You act like it’s me that’s in the wrong
Do you like to watch me cry
Because you’re making me want to die

The author's comments:

I wrote this when one morning when I'd locked myself in my room and refused to talk to anyone. The poem is a reflection of my day to day life. I'm starting to get sick of life and the people in my life. They don't understand and the only way I can escape it is through poetry.

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