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Just breath

December 19, 2008
By Okaykayluhh SILVER, Everson, Washington
Okaykayluhh SILVER, Everson, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Everyone wants to be happy and nobody wants to be in pain, but you can have the rainbow without any rain."

Inhale, Exhale.
Don't look at him.
Don't let him think he's won.
Just breath.
Don't think about how he hurt you,
that will only make it worse.
Just breath.
Don't think about your fist kiss.
You don't need him as much as you think you do.
Just breath.
Stop looking at him, he'll notice you.
Maybe he already has,
Just breath.
Forget about him, i know you can do it.
Please just breath, look away.
You'll move on, you always do.
Dont tear up, everything will be fine.
Please dont cry, just breath.
He's with another girl, just look away, you are only hurting yourself if you dont.
You were just fine before he walked into your life,
You will be fine after,
If you just breath.

The author's comments:
Just breath. Thats what many of us girls tell eachother and ourselves once a boyfriend dumps us, or someone hurts us. Just breath.

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