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September 25, 2014
By StonerChick SILVER, Frankenmuth, Michigan
StonerChick SILVER, Frankenmuth, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Its a dog eat dog world and we're all wearing bacon undearwear

Why don't you know you're all I think about

Why don't you know everything reminds me of you


In the middle of caos you are a rock

In the middle of an endless ocean you are land


Why don't you know how good you smell

Why don't you know how wonderful you taste


The smile you used to give me was all that mattered

The pain you cause me makes me blind to everything around me


Why don't you think of me

Why don't you care


I'm alone tonight

I'm alone for you and you don't know any of it, darling. You don't know and it kills me even more knowing I'll never be able to tell you

The author's comments:

Being the pathetic heart broken one is a great topping on a shit-sunday

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