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Living Statue

August 30, 2014
By Lily-Flower14 GOLD, Keighly, UK, Other
Lily-Flower14 GOLD, Keighly, UK, Other
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Dead as death

Looks but can't see

Frozen in time

What could it be?


Always cold but always hot

Listens but cannot hear

No emotins does it feel

And yet it is near


Tries but can't move

Thinks but can't speak

It's face fixed on one thing

Feet on floorboards creating a creak


Coming nearer

What could it be

A wall or glass shatters

And the living statue is free

The author's comments:

I actually found this while going through one of my old note books. I wrote it when I was only 10, so I apologize for the poor quality, but I wanted to share it anywayz. XP

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on Oct. 15 2014 at 11:14 am
AlliNeedisMusic SILVER, Easley, South Carolina
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Beautiful poem!!! Sorry but I really like your work and so I have Kinda been web stalking your stuff on Teen Ink lol