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August 25, 2014
By freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
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"You know?"

Labels slapped onto things, attached to people.

Uneccesary yet we seem to think it is.

Labels hold many meaning, can be hurtful;

little things with a loud echo.

Four eyes,geek, nerd,just to name a few,

but do you really know what it's like to be labeled?

Labels without a meaning, labels without a reason why, are given to us.

Label,label, labelis what we do all to often. 

It's like saying a person is just a person, a thing is just a thing;

that words are just words no matter how small.

Words can hurt, don't mean a thing to the personsaying them.

But in my head, I still hear the echo.


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