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Dear Friend

December 7, 2008
By xopuppyluv SILVER, North Bay Village, Florida
xopuppyluv SILVER, North Bay Village, Florida
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My friend, my love
My reason for breathing
You’re my sun and my soul
My inner most being
Your words mend my heart
When it’s been tossed on the floor
Your eyes show a place
Where I can be scared no more
So take my hand
And never let go
My life lived without you
Is something I don’t want to know
So speak me your words
And tell me it will all be alright
For you I’d do anything
For you I would fight
But I know you must leave
So I will clench my teeth
And wave good-bye
Cause deep down we know
Our spirits are with the other
And will remain by their side’s

The author's comments:
This poem is about my best friend Carlos, who I love more than anything else. He has always been there for me and I know that no matter what happenes to us we will always be together.

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