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July 11, 2014
By BeautifulNightmareX GOLD, Ridgeway, Other
BeautifulNightmareX GOLD, Ridgeway, Other
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Life is a maze.
Love is a riddle.

Never have I known what's right
I have always been lost
Living my life without sight
All I've ever know is the low ditches
High, high, high
Forcing my mood to look high
Crying, crying, crying
Honestly I've been crying

I've never felt so hopeless
With everything against me
It all seems pointless
Like a dead weight on my chest
Down, down, down
Sinking deeper down
Drowning, drowning, drowning
Into the water I'm drowning

Crying doesn't alway rid the hurt
Nobody knows, nobody cares
Makes me feel worthless, like dirt
It's all I am, that's all I've ever been
Low, low, low
Everyday I feel low
Dying, dying, dying
Internally I am slowly dying

At night, with a storm in my mind
Releasing the pain of another day
Just a few that keep me here
Otherwise I'd drift away
Up, up, up
My damaged soul goes up
Free, free, free
Leaving to the sky to be free

The author's comments:
During the time this was written, I was in a very dark place...

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