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Too Much

July 11, 2014
By BeautifulNightmareX GOLD, Ridgeway, Other
BeautifulNightmareX GOLD, Ridgeway, Other
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Life is a maze.
Love is a riddle.

People screaming in my ear
About who I'm suppose to be
Won't they ever consider
That maybe I'm just me?
Nothing extraordinary
But perfect in my own way
Nothing worth mentioning
But still given the time of day
In this deep dark world
I won't ever shine so bright
But maybe in some time
I'll radiate a little light
It may not be what they expect
But it'll be all I can handle
A little happiness
Burning like a candle
Like everything, it will slowly fade
Melting away like snow
Sinking like a stone
Deep down below
Pressure burns a hole in my mind
Making it harder to fight
The already existing wars
I can't figure out what's right
Do I choose to give in
And sell myself to something I'm not
Or do I choose to stand my ground
A battle that needs to be fought?

The author's comments:
I wrote this when my parents and teacher/principle set such high expectations, that I knew I couldn't fulfill because it was already hard enough to be the way I was, and it was just too much.

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