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the key to my heart.

December 1, 2008
By samantha boardway BRONZE, Panama, Florida
samantha boardway BRONZE, Panama, Florida
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For the longest time my heart had been locked away from this cursed world.
I didn't want it to ever see the light again.

But when your voice registered in my brain, it told me to be careful.

Your rich voice, loving caress,
all could break the locks.
It told me that, if i wasnt careful, my heart could break free.
And i didnt want any of that.
In the end, you never broke any chains or locks.
You stole the key.
And now my heart is free to beat wildly whenever you are near, instead of sitting dormant inside its cage.
It is proudly pumping blood through my veins, instaed of being cold, and gray in the locks.

It's rhythm is as if to say... "look, he realeased me, i am free, and there is nothing you can do about it!" mocking me.

Oh how i wish i could take back the key to my heart. But there are wild dogs guarding it. So i have no choice.

I just hold on tight to you and hope that you will relinquish my heart back to me.

But you hold snugly to the key, and you say that you are never giving it back.

So there is the key to my heart....lying in your palm... where is shall forever be...

The author's comments:
I wrote this about Austin Paul Oswalt. He has truly stolen the key to my heart. He is mine and i am his. For now and always. He is my one and only. I'm NOT screwing this up!

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