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December 1, 2008
By samantha boardway BRONZE, Panama, Florida
samantha boardway BRONZE, Panama, Florida
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She sits alone in her room and cries herself to sleep,

No one can comfort her as she walks down the sinful road.

She stands in the wrong crowd, and can never fit in.

She can never have one solid friend to back her up.

She gets decent grades but probably wont get a scholarship,

Her teachers pretend to understand, but find it too hard.

On the outside she looks ok, but if you were to look inside you

Would find her heart as hard as rock, her insides twisted from lack

Of nutrition, her veins struggling to survive on less than a few

Pints of blood, but her motives pure.

You may think all she needs is a therapist, but what she really

Needs is… hope.

She has found one person to love her and understand her life

Only because he is going through the same thing.

Together they walk down the halls,

Ignore the stares and brave whisperers,

Sit together and talk and laugh,

But as soon as the day is over they can no longer be together

The sun seems to separate them as they walk down different


He wishes he could call but she has no phone,

She wishes to talk on e-mail but he has no computer.

So they must wait ‘till morning before they can be happy again.

She thinks nothing can tear them from each others arms.

Weekends are torture, and weekdays are bliss.

Wait until she meets her.

She comes like a whisper in the wind

No one knows her but they love her anyway

He can scarcely remember her until she does the unimaginable,

She kissed him right on the lips.

She is his ex-girlfriend.

He tries to explain why he does not seem to like her anymore

But as he does his reason shows right up holding his hand.

As you may have guessed the two girls got into a fight, but not

Any fight because he has to help her bury the bloody and scraggly

Body from the police.

A few weeks go by and soon people begin to suspect her, but

Seeing as no body knows her well enough the rumors disappear

And never surface again.


They were just walking around,

Two teenagers alone in the woods (enough said).

It had rained for 3 days straight and they were just happy to be out of the house.

They were just wandering where they shouldn’t have when they saw something shiny

Sticking out of the ground.

They thought it was a ring so the guy was just going to give it to the girl as a gift.

But when he went to get her for her he pulled up her lifeless hand.

And soon the rumors were back.

And she takes them as a blow to the chest.

She keeps her eyes forward and her jaw set.

Nobody associates themselves with her.

He has left her with a gaping hole in her chest.

And now her life is once again dark.

Or more like darker than before.

She can’t eat; she causes herself more pain than necessary.

Her parents can’t even see her anymore….Just her shadow.

And that’s all she will ever be to him.

Nothing more.

The author's comments:
I am my own writer. I write stories, poems, short stories, and pretty much anything you can think of. And they all have different meanings. I have love, hate, death, pain, misery, light, happiness... etc. I'm outgoing and creative. Have fun reading my work.

This specific poem, i wanted to tell a story but still be vague enough that you get a general picture and can make up some things of your own.

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