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November 26, 2008
By thelastharpy SILVER, Granby, Connecticut
thelastharpy SILVER, Granby, Connecticut
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Envy strong and bitter,
Envy sweet and thick,
I watch them all go by,
And I don’t know why,
It squeezes me inside,
To see you hide,
Among all the pretenders,
When you’re really so much more,
You’re ash and embers baby,
So come knocking on my door,
I’ll give you a dose of therapy,
Afterwards you’ll be aching for me,
But come around again,
And you’ll be cured,
Cured of the herd mentality,
Cured of your fear of individuality,
I see your fire underneath,
I can let the flames beneath,
Make you new and strong,
Say so long,
To your pretender’s life,
I have power you can’t imagine,
But I promise you’ll love the results,
And don’t you dare consult,
Your poser friends,
They’ll say I’m a Siren,
To lead you to your end,
But have a little faith in me,
It’s getting to a dire state baby,
Time’s running out for you to be cured,
But rest assured,
After you come around the bend,
You’ll wonder why you couldn’t see,
How much better it is to be,
Nonconformingly cured.

The author's comments:
For all those who have ever been in love with a pretend poser.

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