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Walking With The Goddess

November 25, 2008
By Nathaniel PLATINUM, Huntsville, Missouri
Nathaniel PLATINUM, Huntsville, Missouri
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Thy presence— it is unbearable.
Thy beauty— it is overwhelming.
Thy grace— it is of the gods.

For by the gods you have been blessed—
And blessed you are— blessed to me.
For you— you are the only reason I keep breathing.

Every time thy foot makes itself known into my house—
It graces my soul.
When mine eyes gaze upon thy fair, and flawless face—
I am taken away.
Taken away— into a different world.

This world— that you take me by the hand into—
It strikes me with a great awe.
In this world, our world, there is only you— and only I.

We walk— you and I— we walk with hands interlocked.
Our bare feet trod thru soft, and luscious grasses—
The cold dew tickles us.

The sun in our world is bright, warm, and friendly—
For we make it that way.
But thru this world we go, deaf and blind to all surroundings—
Except for the sight—
The sight in which we stare into each others love transfixed eyes.

Then, the grasses cease— in our world.
They— are no more.
Instead, in their place lies a trail—
It leads up into the endless heavens.

Almost without thinking— we climb up this— heavenly staircase.
Beyond it, lies a bed of clouds.
We gaze into the others eyes, even the more intensely—
Then— we laugh.

Oh! We laugh with a most joyful, and abundant laughter!
It is almost— childlike.
But, we do not care. For it is only you, and I.

Gently— we fall among the white, and pure clouds.
We lay— together.
Then— you climb into my nervous, but waiting arms.

Your lips are only but a whispers length from mine—
And, yet again— our eyes meet, locked in a loving, but curious glance.
Our hearts, they— pound furious with excitement.

Then, we cannot linger any longer.
For all we have done, all we have been, all that we are—
All of our being— has anticipated this moment eagerly.

Closer, we draw even closer.
Our— hot breath— I can feel yours warming me.
Our eyes— they— close.

Our lips— they meet.
At the meeting of them, I feel—
A most strange, and almost undescribable experience.

My heart is a frenzy— a legion of ecstasy is flowing thru me.
My head— it spins.
It spins— most violently.
But yet— I like it.

Soon— the effect of our love takes it toll on me.
The meeting of our lips— I cannot time it.
Soon— time does not matter to me as it passes.
All that matters to me,— is you.

Long minutes can pass!
For they do not matter to me.

I want to dwell with you in the clouds forever.

But, yet!
It is as you sense this!
You read my thoughts!
And you cease!

Our lips— they depart— much to my— disgust.
You stand, and put out your slender hand for me to grasp.
I stand.
We interlock hands again, your hand gives me reassuring comfort.

Dazed— I ask you where we are going.
You— you crane thy lovely face to mine and say: “Eternity, my love.”

I smile at this— it is a big, hearty grin, full of joy.
You smile, seeing my joy— thus revealing perfect, and flawless ivory.

We walk— among the clouds.
Then— mine eyes catch sight of—
A new, and even more grand staircase.
This one, climbs even higher into heaven’s that are unknown to me.

We pause— at the very threshold of the staircase.
Then— I gaze into your warm eyes, they tell me that I make the right choice.
With one shaky step, you and I climb the fist step.
The first step— into Eternity.

The author's comments:
This piece is for all with a "goddess" in thier life.

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on Feb. 6 2009 at 4:03 pm

jacksparrow said...
on Jan. 22 2009 at 9:46 pm
This is sappy.

N. Rick said...
on Dec. 5 2008 at 9:51 pm
This poem is kind of corny--but good nonetheless.