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lone ranger and Valdez

November 21, 2008
By DDavis39 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
DDavis39 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
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Hiding in the bushes,
A lone ranger waits
Waging war on others
Waging war on life
No peace has he accomplished for in the depths pain lies
No peace has he accomplished for the war he wages on life

Along came Valdez a man of peace but also of hurt
No longer could he last in this world
No longer could he see
That there in the bushes he’d meet his fate
There in the bushels he’d lie dying waiting for his peace

For that man called Valdez made camp for the night
Not far from that spot in the bushels was he
Not far from his fate at all
For he was walking back to camp
And as he strutted back to camp, the moon was rising
Rising, awaiting his death

Valdez was walking past the bushels
And out appeared a figure, misted by the black of night
As he saw the figure come into view
The man pulled out an object, a gun it appeared
By the time he saw it, it was too late
A hand was on the trigger
And the man said meet your fate

As Valdez tumbled to the floor
He cries out, “Brother, Brother! Why have you forsaken me? I always tried to be there for you. I’m sorry I didn’t do better. Please though, I’ve not much longer. Please just forgive me.”
The ranger fell sobbing to the ground
“Why, why?” the ranger cried.
And at that his brother died

Hiding in the bushes
The ranger stayed
“Why?” was his last word before the bullet hit his head
Echoing through the night
He succumbed to the war inside
And lay there
Dead and silent
No more war
Dead and silent he lay with his dead brother

The author's comments:
Hey! I was inspired by this peace when applying for a college scholarship after reading Peace Like a River

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