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November 20, 2008
By carriebearieforever GOLD, Mcallen, Texas
carriebearieforever GOLD, Mcallen, Texas
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Time, time consumes you and wraps you up. It never stops it goes on and on and on. So why cant i have more time with you? Why do you have to go? So far away i cant reach you? I want you, i need you to stay. Your are part of me. it would be so hard to have you just leave. TIME STOP! enough i'vw had enough of you! you go fast when i want you to go slow and you go slow when i want you to go fast! Why cant i just fall, fall into a never ending hole on wich time flys by and only the person who created me can take me away. I hate time! Its takeing you away. But as time goes on i will meet someone to fill my futer dark pit in my heart. Time, it ends during and begins during. Oh by the way, what time is it?

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