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Shhh I Have a Secret

November 10, 2008
By carriebearieforever GOLD, Mcallen, Texas
carriebearieforever GOLD, Mcallen, Texas
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Secrets,horrible things. Marvolous things. They are words put together to break or make someone. Sometimes they are lies, sometimes they are true. I have secrets, don't we all? We must because we lie, each and everyone of us lies to protect something. A secret maybe? My secrets are mine. If you knew them I wonder if you would love me the way you do now? Would you love me less or more? I don't know but I won't take the chance. Do you have a secret? Liar, you know you do. Tell me your dirty little secret. I'll keep it to myself. Wait don't tell me. Than it will no longer be a secret for you have told me. Secrets are ment to be kept to yourself. Thats why they have the title "secret". If you tell me it would be my secret on wich i could tell someone. Don't you hate secrets? I do.

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