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Sharkeisha And ShaMichael

February 27, 2014
By Billaybob BRONZE, Grover, North Carolina
Billaybob BRONZE, Grover, North Carolina
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On Wednesday, November 27th, 2013 a girl name Sharkeisha and her “close friend” ShaMichael were at school. Unknowingly Sharkeisha hated Shamichael, and wanted to fight her with a great passion. Sharkeisha did not want ShaMichael know she didn’t like her. The only reason she hated her was because ShaMichael was messing around with Sharkeisha’s boyfriend. And it made Sharkeisha very mad. So ShaMichael’s friends told her that she needed to come to some apartment complex’s after school to get her clothes from their house. In reality they were setting her up to fight Sharkeisha without them even telling her she was going to fight her. So after school that day ShaMichael goes to the apartment complex’s to “get her stuff” and she walks over there with her so called friends and sees Sharkeisha and she gets into an argument with her. All over a guy, Shamichael lied to Sharkeisha and told her that they didn’t do anything. And, well it made her mad. Sharkiesha mollywhopped little Shamichael right in the mouth. Then when she goes to fall up against a fence Sharkeisha grabs her hair and football kicks her in the face. Shamichael never hit back. She was crying, bleeding and too afraid. ShaMichael leaves with a busted eye, busted nose, and a split mouth. Sharkeisha goes to jail and ShaMichaels parents press charges on her. ShaMichael finally recovers after a good bit of time. Sharkeisha is still in jail and probably isn’t getting out for a little while.

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