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January 26, 2014
By Bunnylover BRONZE, Pelham, New Hampshire
Bunnylover BRONZE, Pelham, New Hampshire
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Sometimes, I like to stare out my window
in the depths of night and wonder
“what’s the deal with humans?”
I mean, the human race has always puzzled me
Nobody knows why we’re here,
just sittin’ on this big rock
waitin’ for the time to pass,
While the universe is being written in stained glass
(alternative; In a universe that’s all just star mass)
But humanity is beautiful in itself
and I often wonder about the fundamental things
that make humans alright
while I sit next to my window at night.
Humans are so capable of magnificence
but also so much misery and pain
that some would rather be dead than remain
and humans are so dumb yet still so very intelligent
that I don’t know what to think of their element.
I think I am a lowly flower
born into a human’s skin
and this is not the place for me
It’s not where I should be
I want to go back to nature
where I belong
and not have to worry because I am strong

At the same time, I get it.
I get why we do these things
with no actual purpose
and why we feel these things
that just make us sad
because emotion is a gift and a curse
Like the colors of the universe
Human emotions range so vibrantly
and nobody wants to feel sad or lonely
but that’s what human’s all about
Along with the sad comes the happy
and the things that makes us feel positively radiant
like we could fly to the sun and it wouldn’t even hurt
or we could jump to another planet and make friends with aliens
but maybe that’s just me.
Maybe I’m just crazy
My rhymes are bleeding
Out my thoughts
And sometimes they get tied in knots
And I don’t know
What I’m saying
What my words are conveying
But maybe that’s just me

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