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The Girl Who Never Shows What She Feels

October 30, 2008
By darkangel1326 GOLD, Paramount, California
darkangel1326 GOLD, Paramount, California
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she tires of being strong in the face of despair,
It hurts her inside that no one really cares,
She tires of being happy on the outside
when she has a hidden, crying person inside
she doesn't want to break her already swollen heart
she tires of seeing it torn part by part
she tires of having the guy of her dreams pass her by
she tires of having him indifferently pass her side.

She wants to cry for pains that have passed
she, everyday, hates her haunting past
The problems built on her, she never forgets
the decisions she does she will always regret
she tires of being encouraging at a friend's time of need
she wants, just once, to be the one who utterly depletes...

She tires of her daily scheduale of life
she tires of never recognizing her true strife
she wants, just once, to forget who she is
she yearns for the day of her first kiss...

She knows inside the pit of her soul
these please will wither away to cold
Until the day that she finds her light
she will keep her head up high and fight...

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