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I Am Sick

October 25, 2008
By carriebearieforever GOLD, Mcallen, Texas
carriebearieforever GOLD, Mcallen, Texas
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I am sick, very, very sick. I think I have the...what is it called again?Oh,yes! I have the lovebug. I am very very sick,aren't you? I mean, you did give it to me. Did you not? When I am near you a feel sick to my stomach, but for some bizzare reason I love it. When I talk to you over the phone I shiver and get very cold, but I can't seem to hang up. You must be sick, because you feel the same way. Right? This may be a bad thing to wish upon you but, I pray you are very, very sick. Not sick, ill. Oh I am such a horrible person to wish sickness upon you. Oh well. I am sick, aren't I?

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