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As One, Forevermore

October 21, 2008
By Jessica Furtado BRONZE, Bradford, Massachusetts
Jessica Furtado BRONZE, Bradford, Massachusetts
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I saw you waiting there - leaning upon the withered tree
Leaves falling from its fragile branches
It was fall, and I was falling for you
The wind rustled your dark chocolate hair, and circled about you- capturing your body
A chill ran through your spine - I felt it, we were one.

You closed your hazel eyes, dotted with green, as the soil is sprinkled with buds in the spring
And the seasons changed in one swift movement as you blink and the wind cease to blow
Winter was overlooked as you turned fall to spring, it was too bitter, too cold - nothing like you
You were everything that was warmth and pleasure
You were hot cocoa in the showers of spring and the sun that beat on my bare skin as I swam in the vastness of your love

And you were always waiting- waiting for me to run to you, to cling to you
I never failed, because I needed you - for without you, like was the bitter piercing of snow and ice
But with you were the promises of the seasons of our love and the everlasting passion that bloomed in your heart
Promises you fulfilled as I went to you and you embraced me under the shade of our tree
I drank in your warmth and your natural perfume
Your heart beat in unison with my own- we felt it, we were one

And though the seasons changed, our vibrant hearts did not
They remained- devoted and always longing, longing to live and die as one in a bed of leaves
Our tree, our twilight, our dreams, our dawn, our passions, our seasons, our end
We were one, and within the depths of forever, eternity is ours.

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