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December 3, 2013
By AlexaMarban SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
AlexaMarban SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Once you open the door, any door, you're trapped by darkness.
Everywhere you go, everything you see, is darkness.

And at first it feels the same, no change,
But then you find yourself completely consumed by darkness.

Your thoughts get too big, it becomes to much to handle.
Every second, every minute of your day is consumed by this strong, relentless force of darkness.

So soon you become restless, exhausted and tired,
You're tired of the same old thing, tired of this darkness.

So you take the big the plunge, and at the end all you see

-- is darkness.

The author's comments:
Again one of my attempts of writing a poetry for my creative writing class. This time we had to write a Ghazal style poem that I just came up with.

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