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Among Dragon

October 31, 2013
By Devalara PLATINUM, Landenberg, Pennsylvania
Devalara PLATINUM, Landenberg, Pennsylvania
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There once was a time you could not have known
Where the bones of today might once have flown
A time where man and God did once conspire
And the great terrors of the sky breathed fire

Upon this time, when earth was coal to burn
Is set the tale to which I shall discern
Of Knight whose life of grit and guilt begun
Amidst the fire among the Dragon

The unborn Knight as child had no name
To him his family’d given up their claim
When sky wings blacked out the starry ladle
The infant Knight was dreaming in his cradle

Smother his soul with flame the beasts did not
His lungs with smoke they saw the child fought
And so the sky-born creatures landed then
The Dragons brought the Knight back to their den

While in the sky the Dragons were king crowned
Of all the beasts they were most honor-bound
So as the young Knight grew so did his brave
For the tenants of chivalry they gave

The newborn Knight as young man had no name
Nor title, coat of arms, or civic fame
Yet there was never more gallant a Knight
Nor one more swift with his sword in a fight

In the year’s hottest Summer’s coldest day
The air was thin, the clouds were thick and gray
The nameless Knight was proud against the sky
On back his Dragon kin whom he heard cry

Deep in the creature’s side was shot the shaft
Of crooked arrow silver sharp and daft
Held by the shaking hands, shot from the bow
Of some drunken husband down below

The scaly king of clouds came down with rage
Upon the village, world as its stage
The settlement it swept of its entire
And sung to sleep with lullaby of fire

Upon the air the smell of burning wood
Was carried by the Summer wind for good
And out of home burnt through with pyre's knife
Fled a fair lady pleading for her life

“Oh please dear Dragon rider sir!
Be not the animal that you chauffeur
If your humanity's not truly gone
Then spare my life for I've done nothing wrong.”

The Knight had honor cast on him that day
The woman's pleading sent his mind astray
“You end this chaos!” Begged the Dragon Knight
The hellish fires only grew more bright

So on that day when death was at its eve
For graceful lady as her fate was weaved
The distraught Knight said heartbroken goodbye
And slew his Dragon brothers from the sky

With heart sunken from guilt the years were great
The time-worn Knight bound forever to fate
He loved and married that saved fair lady
They were as happy as the two could be

But through the years the Dragons too were felt
By the same grief the guilty Knight had dealt
And so the great beasts sky and honor crowned
Roared up a fire as the Knight’s fate wound

As ash was carried in the Winter snow
And the sweet scents of Spring began to glow
Unstoppable a blaze diseased the sky
All headed North to see the Knight goodbye

A calmness rose up from the melting ice
The no-name Knight had known his fate precise
Awaited long the day he’d be redeemed
The moment his beloved brothers screamed

The Knight knew only how to save them now
To save his wife and unborn child’s vow
He spoke goodbye to family he adored
To face the burning sky and left his sword

Upon a time there was a nameless Knight
Who burnéd half as long but twice as bright
A Knight whom in coals ended and begun
Amidst the fire among the Dragon

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by The Canterbury Tales

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