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October 15, 2008
By Anonymous


Betrayed among my only friends for I was only seven years old
A boy alone on the school playground
With no where else to go
For I was a foolish boy doing nothing right
Now I am seven teen and I am only remembering the lonely nights
The past that haunts me for all I had done
I wish I can erase my life
For I am a young man with no future
No quest but my lord will only bless
For I am in a period of mood known as the blues
With no faithfulness to whom I might choose

For I have tried to do so many right thing
I keep on running into stop
Like into a traffic light
Back then it felt like I had to fight
Now I am a seventeen remembering who was there for me
My only best friend was a girl
That was tough enough to handle me
For my cheap shots she had handle
She’s seen a boy that was a beast
Now if she the young man I came to be

I am seventeen with no regrets if my father was there for me
For the shame of my past I wish he was gone
A little boy in a window looking for his dad
His father was never there until is mom called
For she didn’t want to see her beloved son
On the floor reaching for a gun

I am seventeen loving life and be happy
For there is a girl that I can laugh with
For she is blessed with a gift
For only I can get trap in her gazing eyes
They are so bright like the sunlight
Now I feel like I am doing thing right

But still I am seventeen in a school
Where the only thing I can do
Is have fun and try hard for once I graduate
My moms face will light up in the stars
And I will be thanking god

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